Big trends are shaping the leading edge of B2B sales practice

  • As we know, B2B customers are conducting more research and evaluation than ever before. They’re educating themselves fully before engaging with your sales team.
  • High-trust relationships have become table stakes for B2B. Digital transformation partnerships and the use of third-party/cloud services are built on trust.
  • Sales Ops tools, automation, and even AI are helping sales teams run more effectively and efficiently. However, there are still a lot of basic communications challenges that can be improved.

At the intersection of these trends is a surprising swell in demand for Third-party Proof

Sharing Third-party Proof of Compliance information a.k.a. Third-party Proof (3PP) means your organization is exchanging and maintaining documentation and data that verifies compliance with a set of defined Compliance Framework or Compliance Standard requirements as part of a B2B relationship. See our articles What is Third-party Proof? and Why Share Third-party Proof? for related definitions.

Security, risk, compliance, procurement, supply chain, and other teams are collecting an increasing volume of (3PP). 3PP is necessary to fulfill regulatory, security, and compliance requirements for B2B relationships.

So what does this mean for Sales Ops?

As a B2B SaaS provider, are you experiencing an influx of requests for 3PP (Third-party Proof) from your B2B customers? These requests are growing as a result of an increase in compliance-related demands and expectations being placed on your customers. Therefore, we believe your Sales Ops (in coordination with Customer Success, and Support) has a big opportunity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which you handle these requests and subsequently supply the updated information - the result of which is greater trust and an improved customer experience for your customers and prospects, while reducing cost and risk, and reducing time and hassle.

  • As prospects self-educate and evaluate they look for solutions that offer transparency and ease-of-access for 3PP
  • Leading-edge organizations are already beginning to benchmark vendors for transparency in proof of compliance information.
  • Prospects see easy and fast access to up-to-date 3PP as transparency that builds trust
  • Prospects that need to collect 3PP for GDPR, PCI DSS, or HIPAA also need it on a recurring basis (e.g., PCI DSS 12.8.1 to 12.8.5) and will value automatic 3PP updates from your team

Sales Ops can increase trust, velocity, and ROI with 3PP

ProofPort sends requests for 3PP (with contact information) to your CRM, where rules and scoring can route them to Support for existing customers or to Sales for new prospects - injecting your sales team into primed/timely conversation with prospects evaluating your solution(s).

Supply customers with the right compliance data at the right time should be a priority for Sales Ops to build critical trust and deliver better customer experience, while your team gains efficiency, increases velocity, and saves resources for other important growth activities.

Sales Ops teams that invest in improving their processes for publishing, exchanging and maintaining 3PP with ProofPort regularly achieve two orders-of-magnitude (100X!) in time and money saved.  Implementation and results are obtained in a matter of hours, and ROI/payback is usually obtained in a couple of weeks.

With ProofPort as part of your Sales Ops, everyone in your organization can rest assured that customers will be getting the right 3PP data at the right time.

Third-party Proof Self Assessment

Why Share Third-party Proof? - this contains our list of “7 useful ways to think about third-party proof (3PP)”


Eliminate the hassle and costs of managing NDAs and 3PP as a cost of doing sales. Leverage requests for 3PP as an opportunity to build trust and connect. Deliver the right 3PP data early in prospects' evaluations by using ProofPort as a game-changer to drive growth.

At ProofPort, our mission is to empower more trustworthy B2B relationships.

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