GDPR, CCPA, and Privacy Shield have been big news items lately.

We’ve all heard of the biggest privacy lapses by Facebook, British Airways, and others. The privacy litigation and GDPR fines have just begun as well.

The software industry has responded with a myriad of helpful solutions for organizations trying to manage their privacy requirements well. Here are some of the leaders: AuraPortal, AvePoint, Datagrail, IBM, LogicGate, MetricStream, Nasdaq BWise, Odaseva, OneTrust, PossibleNOW, RSA, SAI Global, SAP, ServiceNow, and TrustArc.

An often-overlooked risk by most organizations and solutions is the freshness of their Privacy Shield data and the ramifications of out-of-date Privacy Shield information.

If your organization has initiated a Privacy Shield Listing for your customers, then being listed was just the first step. Frequent changes in your organization's Privacy Shield data can make your Privacy Shield information inaccurate or out-of-date, which is problematic for customers and other businesses that rely on your Privacy Shield data. ProofPort can help. We make it easy to set up team reminders to update your information regularly, and more importantly, we make it easy for your customers to be automatically informed when your data changes or your listing is removed.

The Privacy Shield List is a very active list and changes are happening frequently. New organization listings in Privacy Shield have been growing by as much as 10% per month in 2019. Additionally, approximately 1-2% of participants change their Privacy Shield information, or churn off the list, every week.

If you, or your customers, are relying on Privacy Shield data, you may need to think about how frequently they check for Privacy Shield updates. Are you keeping up with all the third-party data you rely on? Is an annual audit the only time that you will discover that a Privacy Shield partner is no longer listed or that their privacy policy changed meaningfully? What are the risks of out-of-date Privacy Shield data to your organization? These risks accrue over time, and most companies have not addressed them adequately.

Again, ProofPort can help. We make it easy and automatic for any organization to keep up with changes to the Privacy Shield list, so they can keep your compliance processes, teams, and systems up-to-date from now on. Do your customers and your compliance teams a favor, and make sure they know about ProofPort, as an affordable and easy means to monitor your Privacy Shield Listing and other GDPR-related proof like Privacy Policies and Security documents.

Start using ProofPort for free today.

May your Privacy Shield data never be out-of-date again!